“Green Walking Tour” of Kingaurora

      On Beijing time October 14th , 2017, in order to advocate a healthy and environmental friendly life and a united way of life, the activity of "Meeting the Green Road and Walking Together" sponsored by the Pingshan District Volunteers Federation in Shenzhen was taken in the autumn. On the occasion of the healthy walking of "Reading Club" activities held by Shenzhen Kingaurora Opto-Tech Co., Ltd.,  Kingaurora together with Pingshan District Volunteer Service Station opened the community and enterprise participation mode, annotating the scientific, healthy and progressive life attitude.

In the cool late autumn, "Reading Club" members set off on time.

energetic members of "Reading Club"

"Reading Club" members, a pink color along seaside.

Members of "Reading Club", youthful and vitality ~

Group photo at terminus

This walking tour enhanced the mutual communication between community residents and enterprise, and greatly enriched the meaning of Kingaurora "Reading Club", showing a healthy and progressive mental outlook. One of Kingaurora member said that he will take this healthy and progressive attitude into work.  Stay true to the original goal and move on.

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