Kingaurora celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

Sixty-eight years’keeping pace with the times, Continue

with the past and open up the future.

Celebrate Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival


Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are just

around the corner, a joyful sense of feeling rise around Kingaurora. What comes

along with the feeling is lantern riddles guessing game in the courtyard of KA.

The guessing game is not easy, and some choose to be a team working together to get gifts. How splendid their spirit is!

See how happy they are when getting their gifts.

And that’s retribute organizers.

Besides the game, there is also moon cake and fruit for all crew.

Share the happiness together!

May we all be blessed with longevity though far apart ,we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together.

Staff also help arrange the gift of the absent. Solidarity and cooperation is around everywhere of Kingaurora.

As a provider of outstanding cultural communication solutions, Kingaurora gets together and inherits happiness, not only creating a strong holiday atmosphere, but also enhancing the cohesion of enterprise. In the future, Kingaurora will continue to manufacture the best products in the industry with the spirit of artisan who is devoted himself to the screen and whole-hearted service. We will bring the ultimate experience to users and strive to create value for society and return to the society.

On the occasion of this festive season,

Shenzhen Kingaurora Opto-Tech Co., Ltd.

wishes the prosperity of Motherland. Happy 68th birthday!

I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival Day!

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