Custom LED Display Manufacturer & Solution Provider from China

At KingAurora, we specialize in R&D, production, and sales of advanced LED screen panels that offer dynamic solutions for a wide array of sectors including retail, sports, advertising, tourism, and diverse commercial spaces.

Explore Our Range of LED Display Solutions

  • Outdoor LED Displays

    Designed for various environmental conditions while delivering stunning visual clarity and high brightness levels, ideal for advertising, public information, and entertainment venues.

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    Indoor LED Displays

    Perfect for indoor environments, offering crisp image quality and customizable formats that seamlessly integrate into retail spaces, corporate buildings, and public areas.

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  • Rental LED Displays

    Providing flexible, high-impact visual solutions for events, exhibitions, and temporary setups, ensuring easy installation and vibrant display performance.

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  • Custom Displays

    Tailor your visual message with our custom LED displays that are specifically designed to meet unique project requirements, enhancing any space with personalized, creative display solutions.

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Exclusive Features of KingAurora LED Video Wall Solutions

  • Indoor led screenn ,indoor led display, indoor led wall, indoor led panel

    Advanced Energy Efficiency

    Reduced power consumption by up to 50%, a single square meter of our LED display consumes only one kilowatt-hour of electricity per day.

    Save Now, Stay Green
  • Indoor led screenn ,indoor led display, indoor led wall, indoor led panel

    Ultra-High Brightness Levels

    Perfectly visible even in direct sunlight, our displays are engineered to achieve brightness levels of up to 10000 nits, which is crucial for outdoor applications.

    See the Bright Side
  • Indoor led screenn ,indoor led display, indoor led wall, indoor led panel

    Customizable Modularity

    Offering flexible module sizes and easy configuration, our LED panels can be customized to fit any space or design requirement, ideal for both standard and unique installations.

    Customize Your Vision

Find the Video Wall Solutions for Your Needs

Commercial Advertising

KingAurora's LED displays transform commercial spaces into dynamic advertising platforms. Ideal for high-footfall areas like shopping malls and city squares, these displays guarantee your message reaches a wide audience with maximum impact.

Amplify Your Ads

Event and Staging

Elevate your event's visual experience with KingAurora's high-resolution LED screens. Perfect for concerts, conferences, and sports events, our screens deliver live feeds and vibrant visuals that engage audiences and enhance the atmosphere.

Elevate Your Events


Improve traveler information and advertising effectiveness with our durable, clear LED displays, suitable for airports, train stations, and bus terminals. Ensure information is accessible and visible, enhancing traveler satisfaction and communication efficiency.

Transform Travel Hubs

Custom Projects

Bring your unique visions to life with KingAurora's custom LED solutions. Tailored to fit any architectural or creative requirement, our displays integrate seamlessly into your specific environment, enhancing spaces with personalized and innovative visual solutions.

Customize Your Display

Why Kingaurora LED Display?

  • Energy Saving

    Custom patented energy-saving IC + energy-saving "three-in-one" lamp beads, with a brightness of 8000-10000 nits. The average power consumption is only 100W/m², resulting in energy savings of 40%-50%.

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  • Industry-Leading Technology

    Independently developed "three-in-one" lamp beads with better color mixing and a 20% increase in color rendering. They can faithfully reproduce images even outdoors.

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  • Superior Stability

    With 30 years of market validation, quality is controlled from the source. Using DIP570 encapsulation technology, independently packaged, and subjected to full inspection before shipment. The products undergo aging, waterproofing, storm resistance, and other five-proof tests, effectively handling various harsh environments.

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  • 15+
    Years of Experience
  • 12000+㎡
    Area of Production Base
  • 180+
    Members of Our Team
  • 25-60
    Days for Rapid Prototyping

Testimonials: From Our Valued Customers Worldwide

"Their team handled everything from transportation to setup with utmost profession, allowing us to focus on delivering an unforgettable experience for our attendees. The maintenance and troubleshooting services included in the product manual ensured effortless operation throughout the event. Highly recommended!"
Sarah Nguyen, Female
John Smith, American
"I'm always looking for ways to make our rental service stand out, and purchasing rental led display screen from KingAurora was one of the best decisions we made. Their team provided excellent support from start to finish, making the logistics and installation process a breeze, knowing that our event would run smoothly. "
Anna Müller
Marketing Director, British
"You won't regret purchasing rental LED screens from KingAurora! Their high-quality screens have enabled us to offer top-notch rental services to our clients. The support and guidance provided by them have been invaluable in ensuring our success in the LED screen rental market. "
Sophie Nguyen
DIY Enthusiast, British

Kingaurora's Cases and Solution

Indoor led screenn ,indoor led display, indoor led wall, indoor led panel
Indoor led screenn ,indoor led display, indoor led wall, indoor led panel
Indoor led screenn,indoor led video wall, indoor led display screen,

Know More About Indoor LED Screen

Stay a Step ahead in Indoor Advertising

Contact our sales team today to discover how our energy-efficient, high-brightness, and stable indoor LED screens can transform your space.


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