How to choose a suitable indoor LED display

A. What is the difference between LCD display and indoor LED display?

There are many differences behind them, the most obvious one is the backlight. the LED display itself can emit light and has a high brightness level. If you want a bright and clear screen, then an LED screen would be your best choice, if you just want to achieve something in the middle, then consider an LCD display.

In addition, the size modular, indoor led display can be combined into a larger display, while LCD displays usually can not.


B. What is a reasonable pixel pitch for an indoor LED display?

It depends on your desired viewing distance, the smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the distance between the displays, and the closer your acceptable viewing distance. The pixel pitch for indoor displays is typically between 4mm and 20mm, and the optimal viewing distance is usually 2-3 times the number of pixel pitches in meters. For example, a pixel pitch of 2 will allow viewing from a distance of 4 meters, while a pixel pitch of 10 will require a distance of at least 20 meters to experience the best detail.


C. What is the size of the indoor LED display?

You can choose from a variety of sizes. Typically, indoor displays are smaller than outdoor LED displays.LED modular design allows small LED displays and giant LED displays to be as large as you want.


D. What are the important parameters for buying indoor LED displays?

They are usually brightness/viewing distance/power consumption/refresh rate, it will determine your screen display effect and some operation cost.

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