What can outdoor LED display do for you in different scenarios?

A. What can outdoor LED display do for you?

a. Enhance brand image, strengthen publicity, increase sales and promote your products in a more effective and impressive way.

b. Immediately attract audiences and generate other income through sponsor advertising compared to other traditional advertising methods.

c. super easy to operate and control, easy to repair and maintain, save time and money.


B. outdoor LED display can be applied to which use scenes?

It can be applied to shopping malls, squares, exhibitions, outdoor exhibitions, building facades, parks, parades, marathons, sports fields and many other fields. Support a variety of connections to display pictures, videos, scoring, communication games, cameras, text, etc.


C. What are the features of Kingaurora LED outdoor screen?

Kingaurora outdoor LED display adopts low brightness and high grayscale design, vivid and delicate picture, restore the real world, can choose pixel pitch from P2.976mm to P4.81mm outdoor screen according to the application scene.

a.High reliability,Aging test, seismic test, waterproof test, high voltage test, salt spray test, temperature test, storm test, color and brightness correction, excellent response to various harsh environments.

b.Independent packaging DIP,Standardized manufacturing process, the use of three colors in one technology, first-class packaging process, to ensure product stability, high consistency of the final effect. dip570 high stability, long life, high brightness, low power consumption.

c.Outdoor SMD,The display adopts outdoor SMD lamp beads, the picture is still clear and delicate when viewed at close distance, and can work under various harsh outdoor environments.

d.high protection level, automatic brightness adjustment,Automatic brightness adjustment, no matter day and night, are brilliant, waterproof and dustproof grade IP65/IP54, designed for outdoor bare installation.

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