What can LED screen rental do for you in different scenarios?

A. What can LED screen rental do for you?

LED screen rental can bring you the following benefits: from the brand level: let customers better understand your products and services, you can promote your products and brand through pictures, videos, interactive games and other forms to create more profits.

From the technical level: high contrast, high visibility, high brightness, customizable size and aspect ratio, and high protection ability bring the best visual enjoyment for the advertising audience and enhance the advertising effect.


B. LED screen rental can be applied to which use scenarios?

The products can be used in concerts, conferences, exhibitions, celebrations, cultural performances, variety shows and other stage activities.


C. What are the features of Kingaurora LED screen rental?

Kingaurora LED screen rental adopts curved box design to meet the installation needs of different shapes and curvatures, you can choose the corresponding LED indoor and outdoor rental screens according to your application scenarios. LED indoor rental screen point distance from P2.6mm to P3.91mm, LED outdoor rental screen point distance from P2.976mm to P4.81mm.

a. Power backup, never black screen,8000 brightness, even in the sunlight is still bright and transparent, the picture is realistic.

b.simple atmosphere, powerful,The box is made of magnesium alloy, super lightweight, single person can easily install and disassemble the modular design, to ensure the smooth operation of the screen.

c.Shaped splicing,Curved splicing, shaped splicing, to achieve a variety of unique shape, bringing a new visual experience, the splicing structure of the controllable so that it can meet the application needs of various occasions, with more practicality.

d.low brightness and high gray, the picture is delicate and realistic,Low brightness display grayscale almost perfect, with a rich sense of hierarchy and color saturation, low brightness also does not lose grayscale, display more delicate, more vivid picture, restore the real world, long time viewing without fatigue.

e. Front and rear installation and maintenance,Free choice of front and rear installation and maintenance, more flexible and faster.

f.Waterproof design,R3.9T Pro and R4.8T Pro designed for outdoor rental waterproof and dustproof grade IP65/IP54

     g. A variety of models, you can choose! Meet your more needs.

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