Perfect Solution For An Outdoor Street Pole Led Display

The outdoor street pole Led display has many benefits and is an excellent outdoor publicity medium. If you want to find a perfect solution for your outdoor advertising, this blog may help you!


Outdoor street pole Led display is a good carrier for outdoor advertising and information delivery. But choosing the right Led display will be a difficult thing.

This blog will help you learn more about the basic information about LED displays so that you can make a more informed choice when making a decision.

What Can A High-Quality Outdoor Street Pole Led Display Do For You?

An outdoor street pole LED display is a type of digital signage that is designed to be mounted on street poles or other outdoor structures. It typically features high-brightness LEDs that can display vivid images and videos even in bright sunlight.

Here are some of the benefits of using a high-quality outdoor street pole LED display:

Attract More Attention with Dynamic Advertising

A high-quality outdoor LED display can capture the attention of passersby with dynamic and eye-catching advertising. The display can be programmed to show engaging visuals, animations, and videos that can help promote products, services, or events. This can help increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to businesses.

Enhance Communication and Messaging

An outdoor LED display can be used to communicate important information and messages to the public. For example, it can display real-time news, weather updates, traffic information, or emergency alerts. This can help improve public safety and enhance communication with the community.

Increase Revenue and ROI

By attracting more attention and driving more traffic, a high-quality outdoor LED display can increase revenue and return on investment. Businesses can use the display to promote products or services, run special promotions or discounts, or sell advertising space to other companies.

Improve Aesthetics and Ambiance

An outdoor LED display can enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of a street or urban area. By displaying vibrant and colorful visuals, the display can create a lively and engaging atmosphere that can improve the overall experience for visitors and residents.

How To Choose Led For Outdoor Street Pole Led Display?

Outdoor street pole LED displays typically use outdoor-rated LED displays that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures.

These displays are usually made up of high-brightness LEDs with a pixel pitch that ranges from 3mm to 10mm, which can deliver clear and vivid images even in bright daylight.

Common types of outdoor-rated LED displays used for street pole applications include:

DIP (Dual In-line Package) LED displays:

These displays use individual LED chips mounted onto a printed circuit board. DIP LEDs are known for their durability and high brightness, making them suitable for outdoor environments.

SMD (Surface-Mounted Device) LED displays:

These displays use surface-mounted LED chips that are smaller and more energy-efficient than DIP LEDs. SMD displays can produce high-resolution images with a wide viewing angle.

COB (Chip-On-Board) LED displays:

These displays use multiple LED chips mounted directly onto a circuit board, creating a compact and efficient display with high brightness and uniformity.

The choice of LED display technology will depend on the specific requirements of the project, such as viewing distance, resolution, brightness, and budget. The following will introduce you to the LED lamp from Kingaurora, which is very suitable for display applications on various occasions.

A Better Solution: 3-In-1 Full-Color DIP Lamp From Kingaurora

Here we introduce the 3-in-1 full-color DIP lamp from Kingaurora. Kingaurora's 3-in-1 full-color DIP lamp has several advantages over general LED displays:

Larger viewing angle and better color consistency:

The partial color angle of Kingaurora's DIP lamp is less than 110°, which means that the LED display can produce a wider viewing angle with better color consistency. This improves the overall image quality and ensures that the display is visible from a greater distance.

Higher image restoration degree:

Kingaurora's DIP lamp has an image restoration degree that is 20% higher than general LED displays. This means that the display can produce more vivid and higher-definition images, completely restoring the image content. This is particularly important for applications that require detailed and accurate image reproduction.

Lower power consumption and higher brightness:

Kingaurora's DIP lamp has a brightness of 8000 nits and an average power consumption of 147W/m2, which results in energy savings of up to 50%. This makes the display more energy-efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

Overall, Kingaurora's 3-in-1 full-color DIP lamp provides superior image quality, color consistency, and energy efficiency compared to general LED displays, making it an excellent choice for outdoor street pole LED display applications.

Maximize Your Business Exposure With Kingaurora’s Outdoor Street Pole LED Display:

If you are looking for a high-quality outdoor street pole LED display that can help you maximize your business exposure, Kingaurora's Solar Powered Trailer Screen SE series E8 outdoor street pole LED display is an excellent choice. Here are some of the reasons why:


Resilient Design for Harsh Outdoor Environments

Kingaurora's E8 outdoor street pole LED display is designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, with an IP65 rating that ensures it is protected against dust, moisture, and other outdoor elements. The lifting range of 1000mm and resistance to the eighth-grade wind makes it even more durable.

Solar-Powered and Energy-Efficient

The E8 outdoor street pole LED display is solar-powered, making it energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate. It uses an ultra-large capacity battery that can support continuous operation even on sunny days. This is a great advantage for commercial use as it helps you save money on energy bills.

High-Quality Pixel Configuration and Refresh Rate

The E8 outdoor street pole LED display features the DIP570 pixel configuration with a pixel pitch of 8mm. This allows for a clear and vivid image display with excellent color consistency, and the refresh rate of ≥1200Hz ensures that the display remains smooth and seamless during fast-moving content.

Wide Viewing Angle and High Brightness

The E8 outdoor street pole LED display has a wide horizontal/vertical viewing angle of 110/55 degrees, making it easily visible to passersby from different angles. The high brightness of 6000 nits ensures that the display remains visible even in bright daylight, maximizing your business exposure.

Final words:

In summary, Kingaurora's E8 outdoor street pole LED display is an ideal choice for commercial use due to its resilient design, solar-powered energy efficiency, high-quality pixel configuration and refresh rate, wide viewing angle, and high brightness.

It is a powerful tool to maximize your business exposure and achieve your advertising goals.

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