“FOCUS ON THE VISUAL WORLD,LIGHT UP THE FUTURE” The Kingaurora Russia Product Launch Ends Grandly

Focus On The Visual World,Light Up The Future!

Oct. 24th,2019

A Launch of LED Screen Product for Lighting up The High End Outdoor Market Opens Sparkly in Moscow Convention & Exhibition Center

outdoor led display

October 24th,a product launch with the theme of focusing on the visual world and lighting up the future was held ceremoniously in Moscow, which was jointly held by the four enterprises such as Kingaurora· Kommandar· Isle ·and

СВЕТОТЕХНИКА etc.who have brought new products and technologies to Russia again,and has attracted customers and partners from all over Russia to come to this feast.

outdoor led display

At the launch, Yasha, the sales manager of Russian-speaking zone expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the guests of this activity,and made a briefly introduction to the developing history of the Kingaurora company and the analysis of the Russian market.This launch is a very important activity for connecting customers and win-win cooperation.

At the scene,Yasha also brought everybody a comprehensive new display technology dry goods sharing,in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of DIP and SMD in the current industry, hot technology highlights and future development trend of DIP570 3in1 LED display,Yasha made an in-depth discussion and explanation.whose excellent explanation and smooth experience won the praise of the present audience.Later,Yasha focused on and made a detailed introduction on the selling points of Kingaurora’s series products,and whose unique function design and the differentiation features.

With the first run encapsulation craft,the outdoor new curtain screen B pro adopts the unique Red,Green,Blue 3in1 DIP570 LEDs in the industry,which ensures the final effects of high stability and high consistency of the products.Therefore, the outdoor new curtain screen B pro can be used in the environment of minus 40 degrees and is specially built for the Russian outdoor harsh environment.What’s more,the present excellent cases presentation effects and well-designed structure have also attracted the strong interest of the Russian customers.

The high effective energy-saving E series screen,whose modules can be waterproof separately,can be installed outdoor nakedly with a high  brightness of 8000nits and an average power consumption of 100W/m2,which can save energy more than 50% than the traditional led screen,At the same brightness,the working temperature is lower than the traditional led screen,the reliability is higher than the traditional one and the lifespan is also longer than the traditional one.

During the on-site activities,we arranged an exciting lottery,the lucky guests won the prizes such as the product coupon,mobile phone,profes-

sional equipment etc. Each guest on the site will have a prize.later,we also prepared a reciprocal reception,another occasion once again for face-to-face exchange of cooperation intention project,and the schedule for visiting each other.

Finally, Kingaurora stated the vision and concepts of the enterprise for the present guests.Kingaurora has supplied a very good platform and opportunities for the extensive partners and clients since its establishment.Adhering to the service concept of making good led screens with our heart,we go all the way together with the partners and clients,raising the core technology force constantly,let the clients experience our more perfect products, more cutting-edge technology and more superior service!

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