Kingaurora Light Bar Screen is 30%-60% lighter than traditional displays, reducing building loads and installation costs. strips can be spliced at will, creative shape, hollow product form, light transmission, does not affect ventilation and lighting; Ventilation rate up to 70% or more (depending on the point spacing), reduce wind resistance, each unit light bar using aluminum alloy kit, with professional heat dissipation process.

Common Problem

What can an LED light bar screen do for you?

LED light bar screens are versatile and innovative lighting solutions that can enhance the ambiance of various spaces. These screens are made up of multiple LED bars that can be controlled individually, allowing for customized lighting effects and animations. LED light bar screens are energy-efficient and long lasting, making them a cost-effective option for commercial and residential settings.


What scenes can the LED light bar screen be applied to?

LED light bar screens are a versatile display solution that can be applied to a variety of environments and settings.

●In retail spaces, they can be used to create dynamic and attention-grabbing product displays and promotions, helping to drive sales and engage customers.

In entertainment venues, the screens can be used to create immersive and visually stunning backdrops for performances or installations.

●In hospitality settings, they can be used to enhance the ambiance and mood of restaurants, hotels, and bars by providing subtle and customizable lighting.

●Public spaces can benefit from LED light bar screens as outdoor signage or digital billboards, and they can even be used as artistic installations.

●In residential settings, they can be used as a unique design element, adding a personalized and customizable lighting feature to homes.


What are the characteristics of an LED strip screen?

A wide range of shapes, and limitless creativity. It can be freely designed based on the shape of the building, which not only emphasizes the shape characteristics of the building and the use of function but also adds points to the city image.

●Two different spacings, to meet the needs of different viewing distances, B15X, B31X

●Approximately 50% energy savings, 8000 units high brightness, and consistent quality.

●The screen has high brightness and low power consumption, making it energy efficient.

●It has a wide viewing angle and can display dynamic and static images, videos, and text.

●LED strip screen is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as it is weather-resistant and has a high protection level.

●The screen is compatible with various control systems and can be controlled remotely via computer or mobile devices.

●It can be used for various applications such as advertising, signage, decoration, stage design, and more.

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