Electronics Engineer

  • Electronics Engineer:

    1.Responsible for the design work of the R&D department's order product or new product electronics:

    2.Ensure that the new product development success rate and order design accuracy of the technology center continue to increase:

    3.Participate in R&D order design, order design review, participate in the establishment, maintenance and upgrade of the company's quality management system;

    4.Participate in the R&D department team building to ensure the continuous improvement of product competitiveness.

  • Qualifications:

    1.Proficient in digital circuits and analog circuits, familiar with the performance and design of various components;

    2.Familiar with analog circuit design and experimental process;

    3.Familiar with the corresponding circuit diagram software; proficient in PCBlayout, can quickly draw four-layer board, can independently develop debugging circuit.

    4.strong hands-on ability, familiar with the debugging and application of LED display control system;

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