地球上有一种神奇的光,叫极光! There’s a miracle light called aurora on the earth.  

世界上有一种首领, 叫国王!There’s a chieftain in the world called the king

极光也有一个国王, 叫极光王 And there’s also a king, called the king of aurora in aurora.

地球自从有了极光,Since there’s aurora on the earth,

两极便不再黑暗; The two poles of which is no longer dark.

极光自从有了国王, Since the aurora has its own king,

两极的世界从此变得绚丽多彩,The world of the two poles becomes bright and colorful.

这里的人们,有了极光王的关照,With the caring of the king of aurora

享受着幸福美满的生活......, The people here have been enjoying a happy life.

视界也有一个极光王,   There’s also a king of aurora in the visual world,

自从有了他,Since who became the king of the aurora,the industry of led

户外固装显示就有了当之无愧的领袖! Display for outdoor fixed installation does have its own fully deserved leader!

光影视界,The visual world of light and shadow

总是不断地创造着传奇,Has always created the miracles constantly.


Aurora is just a black horse running out of this industry.

10年以来,以创新为发展基因,For 10 years, taking the innovation as the developing gene,

极光王创造发明了领先全球的 LED DIP3in1 灯珠封装技术,

Kaurora has created and invented the leading LEDs encapsulation technology.

一直被模仿,至今从未被超越,Always being imitated, but never being surpassed up to now.

其技术获得了国家专利的保护,Whose technology has been patented by the

逐步受到了国际社会业内的广泛认可!State intellectual property bureau and approved by the industrial circle of the international society.

从单一模组到整屏设备,产值从几千万到数亿元,From single modules to complete screen equipment, and the tens of millions to hundreds of millions of output value,

不断滚动发展, continuously rolling development.

产品已经成功销售到全球120多个国家和地区,Our products have been sold to more than 120 countries and areas.

创造了诸如哈萨克斯坦“树叶”,美国硅谷“高炮”等 上千个里程碑式的工程,

We have already achieved many milestone projects such as the Kazakhstan“Leaf”, and the American “Antiaircraft Gun”.

深受广大用户的广泛赞誉和喜爱,Which are widely praised and liked by the users.

如今的Kaurora(极光王)蜚声视界,享有极高的声誉和含金量,Now the Kaurora is famous all over the visual world and enjoys a high reputation and gold content.

企业创始人致富不忘乡亲,The founder of the company is rich and does not forget the villagers,

先后数次捐款上百万,支持家乡修路建校等公益事业,Donated millions of money several times to support the construction of the roads, schools and other public welfare undertakings in his hometown.

CEO的善举赢得了家乡父老的交口称赞!CEO’s kindness won the praise of his hometown.

啊!我的极光王!Ah!My Kaurora!

我由衷地,I sincerely

赞美你!praise you and

歌颂你!eulogize you

赞美你的神迹!for your miracles

歌颂你的伟大!and your great!

自从有了你,Since having you,

世界便不再黑暗,从此变得绚丽多彩,The world is no longer dark and becomes

more colorful.

在黑暗中,摸索前行的人们,The people groping forward in the dark

从此不再迷离,is no longer blurred.

找到了前行的方向;and found the forward directions.

生活在极地的人们,The people live in the polar area                                      

摆脱了漫漫黑夜的折磨,are free from the torment and long night

过上了幸福美满和丰富多彩的生活!and living a happy and colorful life.

啊!我的极光王!Ah!My Kaurora!

我打心眼里,I do from the bottom of my heart

感激你,thank you,

感恩你,and appreciate you

感激你的伟大!for your great

感恩你的恩赐!and your favor

自从见到你,Since my meeting you,

人间就不再寂寞,光影视界活力非凡,The world is no longer lonely, and the

the visual world of light and shadow is full of extraordinary vitality.

在极光下,找到了回家的路!Under the aurora, we found the road to go home.

人们欢声笑语,People live with cheers and laughter

享受着生活的甜蜜;and enjoy the sweetness of life.

流浪在极地的游子,Wanderers in the polar regions

摆脱了饥寒交迫的困扰,Having gotten rid off the besetting of the hunger and cold,

过上了丰衣足食和光彩照人的生活。They are living an ample food and clothing,and glorious life.

啊!我的极光王!Ah!My Kaurora!

我从精神上,In spirit, I

崇尚你!admire you,

信服你!and believe in you!

崇尚你的美德!Admiring your virtue!

信服你的魅力!Believing in your charm!

自从随了你,Since my following you,

我内心特别坚定,意志力也十分坚强;My heart is specifically staunch,

and my will power is also very strong!

在视野里,充满着神奇极光,In the field of vision, being full of the magic aurora.

有德誉满天下,The good reputation spreads throughout the world with a fine virtue,

极光王旗帜更鲜明;The Kaurora’s flag is clearer!

我遵循着你的美德,I follow your virtue,

茫茫宇宙我行你的盛名,I do your fame in the boundless universe,

散发着无穷的永恒魅力和强感召力。Exuding infinite charm and strong appeal.

啊!我的极光王!Ah!My Kaurora!

我从思想上,Mentally, I

认同你!identify you,

追随你!and follow you!

认同你的愿景!identifying your vision,

践行你的使命!and carrying out your mission!

自从跟了你,Since my following you,

生活充满了奇迹,信念理想高度统一,My life is full of miracles,

and my belief and ideal are highly unified.

在宇宙间,极光王星光照耀,In the universe,Kaurora is shining brightly,

犹如引路的灯塔,Just like a beacon leading the way!

各路人才投你麾下,All kinds of talents are under your command.

你是户外固装标杆,You are the benchmark of the led display for outdoor fixed installation,

DIP 3in1 全球唯一,The DIP 3in1 technology is the unique all over the world,

你的愿景是户外固装显示业内第一.and your vision is: To be the No.1 in the industry of LED display for outdoor fixed installation!


树林间,鸟声啁啾,鸟音婉转,为你而歌唱;In the woods, birds are singing for you by chirping one another with euphemism words!

山涧里,泉水叮咚,涓涓泉水,为你而跳跃;In the mountain stream, a trickle of spring water is jumping for you by tinkling!


满山里,杜鹃花开,漫山遍野,为你而绽放;In the mountains, the azaleas are blossoming for you in the mountains and fields!

蓝天上,雄鹰展翅,搏击风雨,为你而战斗。In the blue sky, the eagles are fighting for you by spreading their wings and beating the wind and rain!


云海中,万里云海,云卷云舒,为你而壮观;In the sea of clouds, thousands of miles of sea of clouds,which are making a spectacular view for you by rolling and spreading ways!

光影里,红绿蓝紫,五彩缤纷,为你而炫彩。In the light and shadow, the red,green,blue and purple are dazzling for you colorfully!

察 Observe,

全视界,极光为王,户外固装,DIP三合一独唱主角,舍我其谁? All over the visual world, the king is Kaurora,DIP 3in1 is the solo protagonist,who but Kaurora can do it!

显示屏,高亮高稳,40%节能,DIP570 LED 独挑大梁,谁与争锋?LED displays, high brightness and high stability,40% energy-saving rate, DIP570 LED is the unique beam,who but DIP570 LED can compete with itself!

我为王者,I am the king!

极光王是我!Kaurora is just me!

我就是极光王!I am just Kaurora!

Kaurora就是我! Kaurora is just me!

雄鹰就是我的图腾,极光是我的灵魂!The eagle is my totem, and the aurora is my soul!

我是全球领先的LED户外DIP3in1 显示屏开创者,I am the global outdoor DIP 3in1 LED display creator!

我的核心价值观是:务实、担当、感恩!My core value is pragmatic,

pragmatic, responsibility and gratitude

我的目标就是成为全球户外LED直插三合一显示屏王者!Our aim is to become the king of the global outdoor LED DIP 3in1 screens!

我的使命就是让世界变得愈来愈美丽!Our mission is to let the world become more and more beautiful!

富强企业,幸福员工,回报社会,Richen and power ahead of the enterprise,make the employees happy and repay the society!

使命在身,The mission is in mind,

责任在肩,The responsibility is on shoulders,

目标在前,The target is just ahead of us,

不容懈怠,No slacking,

不容轻视,No belittling,

让我们携起手来,Let’s join our hands,

齐心协力,殚精竭力,艰苦奋斗,勇往直前!Make concerted efforts, do our utmost,work hard and march forward and courageously!

直至全面实现我们的宏伟目标!Until we realize all of our magnificent targets!

不达目标, Never give up,

绝不罢休!Until we reach our goal!


战斗的号角已经吹响,The horn of battle has already sounded!

时不待我,The time will not wait for me,

此时不搏,If not battle now

更待何时?when we can wait for battling best?

极光王的小伙伴们,Friends of Kaurora,

你们准备好了吗?!Are you ready for battling?!

我记得: I remember that

北京电影学院崔卫平教授曾说过:the professor Weiping Cui from Beijing Film Academy has ever said:

你所站立的地方,正是你的中国,The place you stand is just your China,

你怎么样,中国便怎么样;As what you are, so what is China,

你是什么,中国便是什么; What you are China would be,

你有光明,中国便不黑暗。If you are bright, China would be not dark!

从应该有主人翁意识的角度,From the perspective of having the sense of the master of the society,

因此,我们也可以这么说:Therefore, we can express the above meaning by this way:

你所站立的地方,正是你的极光王,The place you stand is just your Kaurora,

你怎么样,极光王便怎么样;As what you are, so what is Kaurora,

你是什么,极光王便是什么;What you are Kaurora would be,

你有光明,极光王便不黑暗;If you are bright, Kaurora would not be dark!

因此,在客户和各位来宾面前,Therefore,in front of every customer and guest,

极光王是你,你就是极光王;Kaurora is just you, you are also just Kaurora;

你的形象,代表着极光王的形象;Your image is just representing the image of Kaurora;

你如果阳光,极光王便不阴暗;If you are sunny, Kaurora would not be dark!

你充满正气,极光王便不会有邪气;If you are full of righteousness, Kaurora would not be evil!

你有正能量,极光王便没有负能量;If you have positive energy, Kaurora would not have negative energy!

你很优秀,极光王就一定很卓越!If you are outstanding, Kaurora would be surely excellent!


Dear brothers and sisters of Kaurora, this is just the right relations we should have between Kaurora and us!

请永远记住!Please, remember this forever!

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